Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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Local salt suppliers keep up with demand for salt

Lines at mines slow down production.

Salt mines are having to ship products to out-of-the-ordinary places this winter due to above average snowfall causing hazardous road conditions.

What that means for most regular suppliers is they’re allocated amount may be less or arrive slower than normal.

However, the Gothenburg area suppliers have had no real problems of the sort.

Chief executive officer and owner of Nebraska Salt & Grain Co. Norm Geiken said NSG is low on its product but not out.

“Product is coming in on rail and truck every day of every week and that will continue,” Geiken said.

He noted that snow is blanketing in larger areas nationwide so more usage is needed.

“More people are buying products than in a normal year,” Geiken said.

NSG supplies Ice Slicer, a product they get from mines in Utah.

Gwen Jensen, an NSG sales representative, said they have managed to maintain long-time customers even with slower production.

But, because NSG is a supplier, they are guaranteed a certain amount from the mines.

“During winter months production slows because of longer lines and demand,” Jensen said. “Our customers will get product.”

Geiken added that even though the company has expanded to new customers, taking care of the old customer base comes first.

State Department of Nebraska Roads supervisor Ted Steuben said the storage dome in town has been 40% full most of the winter.

“With the amount we have had, people from other areas come and haul salt out of there,” he said. “Areas in need like Lexington and North Platte haul salt back to their sheds trying to keep them full.”

Geiken summed up customers demand nationwide.

“We are fairly low on product but no one is yelling that they are out,” he said.

Geiken noted that when temperatures warm up, it’s important to fill salt supplies for the next year.

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