Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Fulton: Budget experience makes him stand out from others

State senator running for treasurer.

As a member of the Legislature’s appropriations committee, State Sen. Tony Fulton feels he has insight into Nebraska’s budget.

“It’s a job I can do because it has so much to do with the budget,” Fulton said recently on a visit to Dawson County. “And I want to do the job.”

Others who announced their candidacy after treasurer Shane Osborn decided not to run for re-election include fellow Republicans Don Stenberg and Tom Nesbitt and Democrat Mark Stoj.

Because of term limits, Fulton—who was appointed to the Legislature in 2006—will leave in 2010 which is another reason he’s running for state treasurer.

He was elected to his seat in 2008.

Fulton declares himself an advocate of controlled spending and touts accountability, responsibility and transparency in government.

“I support keeping taxes at a low rate, providing for basic government services and promoting the disciplined, efficient management of government resources,” he said.

The 37-year-old said he’s discouraged with elected officials in Washington D.C. who seem to have forgotten who their bosses are.

Their bosses, Fulton said, are the people who put them in office and who pay them with tax money.

When it comes to responsibility, the state senator said it’s no accident that Nebraska is in better financial health than other states in the nation.

During his time in the Legislature, Fulton said senators balanced the state budget responsibly in addition to having a robust cash reserve.

“That’s the same responsibility and management that I will treat the treasurer’s office with,” he said.

Transparency in the office can be achieved through technology such as using social media like Facebook, Twitter and his own Web site which is

Fulton wants to reach younger voters and communicate with the general public as well.

“I think elected officials behave more responsibly if their actions are made transparent to the people,” he said.

Fulton said he stands out among his challengers because of his experience on the appropriations committee and with the state budget.

“I am also younger and bring a fresh perspective,” he said.

A native of Auburn, Fulton is a mechanical engineer who owns a business that provides in-home care for the elderly and has about 90 employees in Lancaster County.

He and his wife Judy Vandewalle have six children.

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