Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Fire in the hills

CONTROLLED BURN: Residents may have noticed colorful plumes of smoke wafting from the hills around Gothenburg the past several weeks because of controlled burns.

Pictured is a burn ag producer John Hecox shot at night using a quadcopter, also known as a drone. Hecox said the March 22 and 23 burn was done by a California-based company called Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression Inc. that burned pasture on Hecox and Nebraska Salt & Grain land in the south hills to eliminate cedar trees (considered an invasive species) and help boost pasture productivity. The Central Platte Rangeland Alliance has also been doing controlled burns as they have for the past nine years. Burn boss Mark Alberts said controlled burns are planned in advance and every precaution is taken to ensure they are kept in check. Alberts said the alliance will likely do prescribed burns for another week.