Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Hands-on Habitudes

Lots of kids these days go off to college these days without knowing how to do their own laundry, count back correct change or plunge a toilet. During their busy lives of being students, playing sports and being involved in school activities, they miss out on some life skills.

A program at Gothenburg High School aims to bridge a little of that gap.

On May 4, the school welcomed 45 community partners to present 19 different topics in 40 stations to all 7-12 GHS students during a Habitudes basic skills fair.

“This was the activity that went with our last Habitudes lesson, Kitchens and Restaurants,” said Habitudes facilitator Kris Epke. “The lesson was on applying knowledge and technical skills. You are not going to be successful unless you have both knowledge and skills to do tasks.”

Volunteers gave a variety of demonstrations from packing a suitcase to balancing a checking account and changing a tire. Then they put students to the test with hands-on activities.

The Habitudes program was implemented this year to help students learn skills they need to be successful. It is set up on a three-year cycle in which four of 12 concepts are covered each year. In addition to Epke, a math teacher, Habitudes team leaders are art teacher Travis Coe and Dee Weaver, who teaches family and consumer science.


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