Saturday, September 22, 2018
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67-year-old Welsch woman retraces Pony Express route

“Just about surviving the weather, gale force wind one day, rain and bitter cold the next, which is why my posts have been a bit sparse.

“But the Nebraskans are keeping my spirits up. The Rhones (south of Cozad) took a windswept trio in off the road on Wednesday (April 27) and Larry and Jan Gill let me stay in the Midway Pony Express cabin last night (April 28). My accommodation for tonight (April 29) is the boat (in a shop) in the background courtesy of John Hecox.”

Megan Lewis, who could be likened to a horse hobo, shared this post on her Facebook page along with other adventures as she retraces the Pony Express mail route from St. Joseph, MO, to Sacramento, CA.

Sometimes she stays in Pony Express stations along the way, as she did April 28 at the Midway Station south of Gothenburg.

Other nights Lewis pitches a tent in fields or meadows, where her two horses have access to grass.

Country folk also open their homes, barns and sheds to the 67-year-old Welsh woman and her horses, sharing meals and offering a warm bed.

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