Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Catholic School Girls

GROWING UP CATHOLIC: The Gothenburg Community Playhouse production of “Catholic School Girls’ featured four students in a New York parochial school growing up from kindergarten to eighth grade in the 1960s. The girls share their triumphs and their defeats during elementary school taught by nuns. Pictured are, l-r, Wanda Sluska (Taylor Rossell), a spoiled Polish only child; Maria Theresa Russo (Joselyn Kennicutt), a timid child in a large tumultuous family; Colleen Dockery (Lauren Andres), a bossy and boisterous brat; and Elizabeth McHugh (Georgina Dishman), who goes from full of faith to questioning God. The play, written by Casey Kurtti, was directed by Kaitlyn Clark.


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