Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Swedes bounce back after first loss of season

Lets talk about the situation we have here. We have a team that hasn’t been 100% due to illness for the last few weeks. A team that lost a tough battle against a physical Broken Bow team in the SWC finals, about to play their first game since that loss. It would seem the Swede team, coaches and fans were ready to hammer their opponents and get back on track. Hold on a second, it’s not going to be that easy. We have a player, Dawson Graham, who didn’t suit up for the game due to sickness. We had another player , Ty Clement, who’s minutes were limited, due to illness. We also had another player, AJ Whiting, who tore ligaments in a finger on his left hand during practice. These are a few of the most notable complications the coaches were faced with before this game.

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