Friday, September 21, 2018
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Lady Eagles fly together one last time

NORTH PLATTE—Three of the Lady Eagles hit the road last Friday to play basketball in the Mid-Plains Area All Star Game. Tara Callahan, Hannah DeStefano and Karnee Hatch were selected by area coaches to play on the Black team.

 Callahan won the jump ball as she usually did throughout the basketball season. The two teams seemed laid back as they scored upon one another. At the end of the first quarter the Black team was up 16-10. Callahan had eight of those points.

 The second period was a continuation of the first. The two teams continued to score. As the half came to a close, the Gold team managed to get a slight advantage, 31-29. Callahan added four more points to her total for 12 in the half. DeStefano and Hatch didn’t score, but contributed in other aspects of the game. 


When the halftime break was over the game was becoming a little more tense. It was apparent neither team wanted to lose. The defense of both teams was getting more physical as the game progressed. Heading into the last quarter with the score 43-40, the Black Team All Stars reclaimed the lead.


 The game went back and forth in the final period. As time ran out the score was tied at 51.

 In overtime the Black Team All Stars were out scored eight to five and lost 59-56. Callahan was the only Eagle to score. She tallied 20 on the night.