Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Do you believe in miracles? I do


Miracles take your breath away, warm your heart, or simply remind you that you are loved. My faith in a power greater than myself boils down to this: concentrated love. The Creator of the universe taking time to orchestrate a coincidental love message to me...just miraculous.

I see a miracle in a sunrise that brilliantly lights up the sky only moments before I walk out of the house and head to work. It fades as I drive away, but I recognize the art, the beauty, the creativity, the design, the love, and the miracle.

Embraced by the beauty of flowers at just the right moment: God always knows when to send flowers. A yellow rose that reminds me of grandma. A pink tulip surprise where only yellow had grown. A bouquet delivered with nothing but “I love you” on the card. A volunteer, delicate, unknown flower grows beautifully strong outside the ceramic pot of flowers I planted reminding me to see the beauty around me even if it appears outside the rim of my expectations. That’s miraculous.

A letter comes from a friend. I haven’t seen her for what seems like decades, but the friendship and the love comes through the black ink on white paper. It is truth she sends at the moment I need it most. That’s how I know it’s a miracle. Or the purple-flowered card that arrives on just the right morning from that family member I haven’t seen in years. It simply reads, “This morning I felt like God wanted me to let you know that, and remind you of how much He loves you.”

A feather gently resting in my path or mysteriously sticking to my rear windshield reminds me that some believe a feather is a sign that an angel is near. With this feather I have an opportunity to offer gratitude that I’m not alone, and my heart swells at the miracle.

The miracles surrounding us everyday never cease to amaze me. We each are one among 700 billion, yet love and miracles are present for me...just me...and you...just you. When my need seems small amidst a world of pain, I choose to look for what miracles are being given to me today. Today, I am open to recognize and receive the miracle.