Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Learning to do Love’s work well

It doesn’t cost money. I pulled over to the side of the road enraptured by the bright yellow of the petals contrasted with deep brown centers. Conveniently, I had a pair of small scissors in my center console. I cut a handful of flowers, took them home to be placed in a vase, and promptly delivered them to the porch of a friend whose husband has been hospitalized for almost six months. Love to brighten someone’s day costs nothing.

I’ve been thinking about purpose and mission lately. At times I’ve believed that my purpose centered around my occupation. I have felt that my mission when my children were young was focused on my family. Like many humans, I’ve had aspirations of making a difference or impacting the world on grander scales. However, at middle age I find myself “coming home” to a simpler purpose: to stay close to Love and to do Love’s work well.


Unfortunately, for most of my life I have allowed blockage to build up in my life that hindered Love’s flow through me. I liken it to a plaque-filled artery that increasingly hinders the flow of life-giving blood to the body. Over time, the blockage builds up slowly, almost seemingly unnoticeable. Yet, the results are evident as pressure builds and the flow is blocked.


Like this analogy, I allowed selfishness, demanding my way, inconsideration of others, and fear to almost imperceptibly build layer upon layer of blockage from the flow of Love in my life. Of course, I would have told anyone that I was a loving, giving person because I was unaware of my internal condition. Yet, the pressure of resentment, self-pity, and anger increased until there was no room for Love’s flow. My life was in cardiac arrest.

I recently read “The Golden Key” by Emmett Fox that defines the secret to any difficulty as simply a change in focus. Rather than focusing on the difficulty, he suggests focusing on Love. A friend of mine put it this way: when you feel disturbed, look for someone to whom you can be helpful or useful. Regardless of the wording, I embrace the concept of going through this world looking for opportunities to give, to be of service, and do Love’s work well.

The less I focus on me, the less miserable I am. The more I focus on others, the more serene and content I am. However, there is a catch. The giving must be entirely to give. For too long, I “gave” with an expectation of reciprocation or high esteem or notches on a heavenly belt. This expectation was the bad apple that spoiled the whole barrel. Love is a free-flowing, endless supply when given away; however, when grasped at like water in cupped hands, it slowly seeps away.

Today my prayer will be, “Show me what I can give or contribute. To whom would Love have me be helpful or useful?” and I will wait with breathless anticipation for moments of inspiration like seeing sunflowers on the side of the road.