Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Hurricanes, wildfires and hail


I drove along the winding road with hills and canyons all around. I noticed the contours of the hills, etched slowly with wind, snow, and rain. Their velvety look could not hide the distinct shaping that has occurred over time.

Sometimes the difficulties and pains of life are like this: a gentle etching. Obstacles arrive and barriers block our paths, but they only serve to make us stronger or better in some way. They shape us and mold us. A friend shared with me that she often asks, “What is this teaching me?” and I find this perspective refreshing. All of life has the power to be a moment of learning, an opportunity. We, like the hills, over time can be etched and molded into something truly beautiful with unique characteristics of wisdom and experience.

However, we’ve been hearing how the hurricanes, wildfires, and hail have made their presence known. Vast pieces of land, homes, and properties have been demolished, ruined, and destroyed. The vicious path cannot be hidden, but is laid bare for all to see.

And there are times of such pain in life that all we can see is devastation. We can only see the vicious path of destruction that has been caused. Death, illness, divorce, lost jobs, and betrayal demolish and ruin what once was. Yet, this is not the end of the story. Life continues on.

From land blackened by forest fires, new life will come. Homes and communities destroyed by hurricanes will be rebuilt. Corn fields shredded by hail will be planted again. Even at the darkest part of the night, the sun promises to rise bringing with it a new day.

Hope. Mercy. Forgiveness. Grace. Healing is possible. Love is always available in endless supply. Lessons can be learned from the greatest of failures. Wisdom thrives in a willing heart. No matter what is faced, no matter how painful, I am so grateful for this great adventure we call life with its many ups and downs that remind us that we are not in control and life cannot be contained in a static state. Life evolves and changes for it is a living process. Remember, this too shall pass.