Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Look at history is disputed

Lloyd Pohl’s last letter began with “I was wrong.” He could have stopped there, but he had to go on and prove it. Lloyd wrote, “...Hitler had a hate-spewing propagandist named Goebels.” Lloyd thinks I am so busy spouting Goebbels, Limbaugh and Palin propaganda, that I am “incapable of connecting the dots.” Evidently he has read my extensive writings about my love for book burning and my hatred of Jews. What’s hilarious here is that Goebbels’ “Big Lie” technique, fits Lloyd’s people to a tee. I challenge Lloyd to produce some irrefutable instances of things Limbaugh and Palin have said that are not true. He probably thinks Palin said “I can see Russia from my house.”

In one letter he implied that conservatives would have allowed the confederate states to secede, because war is expensive. In the next he writes, “...take the trouble to read a little history, you’ll find that the party of Lincoln financed the Civil War.” Which does he hate more, that they didn’t want to finance the war, or that they did? Who are these demons that are constantly tormenting Lloyd by sneeringly denouncing tax-and-spend Democrats?

Apparently Lloyd finds reading troublesome. I don’t. I took some time to read a little history. I found that the party of Wilson financed WWI, FDR-WWII, Truman-Korea, JFK and Johnson-Vietnam.

Reagan financed the end of the Cold War without loss of life. Some might say that was worth it (not Lloyd). Reagan did have one of the largest tax increases in history, but it was only a one third roll-back of a massive tax cut the year before. His other large tax increase was for Social Security and Medicare (those pesky runaway liberal entitlements).

Then Lloyd wrote, “I figure we wouldn’t even have a country if conservatives had their way.” He backs this statement up with a list of wonderful land requisitions by conservatives and the improvements they made to the land. That seems a little “mixed up” to me. Lloyd asked, “How many times have you heard the conservative hate-mongering propagandists use the term “baby killer”?

Lloyd remembers a lot of stuff, but his memory is pretty selective. I remember Vietnam vets being spat on and being called baby killers when they returned home. The people that did that have a poster boy named John Kerry.

Maybe Lloyd has been living under a bridge. He wrote, “...conservatives put Hitler-like whiskers on pictures of Obama.” Has he never seen the same pictures of Bush or heard him called “chimpy” by lefties? Use Google images (type in Hitler Bush). When it comes to free speech, liberals are the only ones who are supposed to have any. When they can’t win the argument, it’s because the opposition engages in propaganda. When liberals speak, truth suffers.

I don’t have room this time to connect the dots on weapons of mass destruction, torture, death panels, losers and the fact that I can’t read.