Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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Displays taken too soon

I am writing in regard to the treatment of memorial flowers this Memorial Day at our city cemetery.

I was out of town during this time. My son put out hanging flowers on shepherd’s hooks on my husband’s and both sets of grandparents’ graves on Sunday, May 30, and went back to pick them up on Friday, June 4, only to find the flowers in the trash barrel and shepherd’s hooks gone.

The value of the flowers is not the whole problem—the value of the shepherd’s hooks is nearly $125. Why was there no notice in the paper?

I believe in the past, we were given at least one week before removing them. I realize mowing has to be done, but it could have waited until the June 7 which was one week after Memorial Day.

It makes me very sad to have this cemetery treated so disrespectfully. It is my hope that those who made this decision don’t have this happen when they leave loved ones buried there.