Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Sewer water seeps into lives

Family possessions go into dumpster.

Twelve-year-olds can accumulate many things—American Girl dolls, jewelry, clothes, even medals from softball games.

Madi Tiedemann is adjusting to losing all these things and more since her home was flooded with 15 inches of sewer water June 13 and 14.


On June 16, she stood outside her home at 702 Washington St. and looked at the pile of family belongings stuffed in a roll-off dumpster next to the curb.


“It’s heartbreaking,” Madi said. “All the things I’ve owned are basically in there.”

Her mother, Tiffany Tiedemann, said the insurance adjuster told them they had to get rid of anything that touched sewer water.

“It’s like a living organism that climbs up the walls,” Tiffany said.

Because Madi and siblings Sam, 13, and Ben, 16, live in the basement along with furniture, carpet and other accessories from a family room and laundry room, that means they had to haul about everything to the dumpster.

“I don’t even have a bedroom anymore,” Ben said. “We had to throw away the bed and the couch.”

Perhaps the hardest thing for Sam was throwing away new pink and purple desk chairs and giving up the room their mother had just finished decorating for her daughters.

A scrapbook of Madi’s life as a fifth grader also had to be discarded.

Even 3-year-old Blaine was affected when toys stored under his siblings’ beds were exposed to sewer water.

“We feel displaced,” Tiffany said.

In addition to a family of six stuffed onto the main floor, Tiffany and her husband Bruce are faced with

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