Friday, June 22, 2018
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Swim carnival makes a splash

The number of participants was up this year for the annual swim carnival July 27 at the Gothenburg swimming pool.

There were 55 participants in a variety of activities ranging from tossing water balloons to a wet T-shirt relay.

The carnival allows children of all ages to make a splash before summer is over and compete for prizes.

5 and 6 Year olds

Water balloon toss—1. Addison Wyatt and Kara Waskowiak; 2. Carson Lewis and Arissa Ackerman; 3. Gage Soller and Tannor Mroczek

Water balloon throw—1. Kiefer Anderson; 2. Gage Soller; 3. Carson Lewis

Ring toss—1. Arissa Ackerman; 2. Gage Soller; 3. Trevor Galas

Ping pong ball race—1. Gage Soller; 2. Arissa Ackerman; 3. Kara Waskowiak

7 and 8 Year Olds

Wet T-shirt relay—1. Team Dynamite; 2. Team Penguins

Water balloon toss—1. Ethan Meyers and Seth Daup; 2. Brodi Stienike and Tucker Wyatt; 3. Sam Aden and Shad Soller; 4. Jamie Graff and Chloe Royce

Water balloon throw—1. Matthew Welker; 2. Brodi Stienike; 3. Tyler Whiting

Tube race—1. Tyler Whiting; 2. Kaitlyn Harrison; 3. Tucker Wyatt

9 and 10 Year Olds

Biggest splash contest—1. Brady Harrison; 2. Travyen Miller; 3. Anna Cooper

Wet T-shirt relay—1. Team Bob the Monkey; 2. Team Huskers

Water balloon toss—1. AJ Whiting and Brady Harrison; 2. Travyen Miller and Noah Gugelman; 3. Lauren Waskowiak and Maddie Daup

Tube race—1. AJ Whiting; 2. Maddie Daup; 3. John Miller

Water balloon throw—1. Noah Gugelman; 2. Dakota Miller; 3. Gracie Stienike

11 and 12 year olds

Tube race—1. Ebony Anderson; 2. Jayden Miller; 3. Tyler Miller

Biggest splash contest—1. Jayden Miller; 2. Tyler Miller; 3. Ebony Anderson

Slide swim—1. Jayden Miller; 2. Ebony Anderson; 3. Reva Royce

Water balloon throw—1. Tyler Miller; 2. Ebony Anderson; 3. Riley Smith

Water balloon toss—1. Tyler Miller and Landen Haake; 2. Riley Smith and Jayden Miller; 3. Ebony Anderson and Reva Royce