Thursday, June 21, 2018
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‘High Stakes’

Turmoil breaks out during test day in one-act play.

Top student Mindy desperately wants to do well on a major exam but her classmates are erupting into total chaos around her.

Sniffles, burps, yawns and tapping pencils are just a few of the distractions Mindy has to deal with during the test and the teacher Mrs. Mock doesn’t believe her, insisting the classroom is quiet and orderly.

Mindy, played by Jessica Scrad, might be losing her mind. Or she may be the subject of another top-secret kind of test.

“High Stakes,” a one-act play by Alan Haehnel, was selected by director Tonja Shaw as Brady High School’s performance this fall for several reasons.

There are no set changes, few costumes and minimal lines to memorize except by the two lead characters.

But Shaw said she likes the play because it highlights the students’ acting abilities.

“It’s all about the acting and the timing,” Shaw said. “Most of the kids don’t have big lines but their parts have to fit together perfectly to really pull this off.”

The play is set in a classroom where students wield sharpened No. 2 pencils and are prepared for a state test under the guidance of teacher Mrs. Mock, portrayed by Tyler Egenberger.

Star student Mindy (Schrad) is poked and prodded and bothered throughout the test by her classmates.

“It’s really about getting the timing of the disruptions down,” Shaw said of the play.

The challenge this fall, she said, has been opportunities to practice.

Most of the cast is involved in fall athletics and rehearsals have been limited.

“These are some talented kids, though,” Shaw said. “They always find a way to

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