Monday, August 20, 2018
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Dutton-Lainson gets light bid

Within the next year, city residents may recognize a different glow from street lights.

At their meeting Nov. 16, Gothenburg City Council members accepted the low bid of $196,795 for light-emitting diodes (LED) from Dutton-Lainson Company of Hastings.

The city was awarded a $206,080 grant to buy energy-efficient street lighting with the city’s share of the cost at an additional $51,000.

Because the bid was under the estimated price, the city will buy more lights and some with more wattage to reach the $256,818 worth of lights from Dutton-Lainson.

The project budget amount is $257,600.

But before acceptance, a representative from another company said the bids considered compared prices but not performance.

Lou Mayfield, representing BetaLED of Racine, WI, asked the council to look at the performance of the low bidders and compare data before making a decision.

The majority of the council members said they didn’t think it was fair to

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