Monday, August 20, 2018
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‘Last call’ will not be extended in Brady

Brady village board members listened to residents opposed to extending the hours alcohol may be sold in town and ended discussion a month early on a proposal to allow a 2 a.m. bar closing.

“What kind of image do we want to present of our nice little community?” asked resident Marilyn Bratten.

An ordinance introduced on first reading in December called for a change in on-site alcohol sales from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

During the last legislative session, state senators amended the Nebraska liquor law, allowing local governments to decide if establishments in their jurisdictions could serve drinks until 2 a.m.

That law took effect in July.

The Hitchin’ Post reqested trustees change the local law to match what the state allows.

But residents who spoke about the ordinance during its second reading on Jan. 12 were entirely against the idea.

“I think this provides more opportunity for drunk driving and I can’t see the rationalization of that at all,” Bratten told trustees. “Both ethically and financially, I can’t see where this would be worth it.”

Residents Lane and DeeAnn Birkel both agreed.

Lane Birkel said any advantage to extending the hours would be monetary to one business and even then only small.

“From a practical point of view, I know you make decisions based on the pros and cons,” Lane Birkel said. “I’m asking you what the pros would be. Not very much.”

DeeAnn’s plea against the time change was far more personal.

“This is not good for families,” she said, recounting stories from her childhood dealing with an alcoholic family member. “I think it is so

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