Thursday, June 21, 2018
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After thrilling trilogy and two-part military memoirs, local author still has a story to tell

Growing up in a rural Kansas town with little more than a pool hall didn’t seem like a blessing to Ernie Frazier all those decades ago.

There was no swimming pool, no drug store, no theater. Kids made their own entertainment. At the time, it was no fun.

As a retired insurance salesman who moved to Gothenburg three years ago, Frazier now has a changed perspective about that tiny town of Copeland, KS.


“I had the good fortune of being in a town that had nothing going for it,” Frazier quips.


The library became a routine stop for Frazier and books took him away to different times and places.

“That’s where I developed my interest in literature,” Frazier said.

He liked to read all kinds of books and become involved in written adventures.

It wasn’t until long after his military service during the Korean War, and another 45 years of selling insurance, that Frazier decided to take his own stab at spinning a tale.

“I got bored trying to read books,” Frazier said. “They just weren’t exciting. They didn’t keep me turning pages.”

So with his wife, Karen, working at the police department in Dodge City, KS, and time on his hands while recovering from heart surgery, Frazier decided to give it a whirl.

His first book, “Black Hand Over Kansas,” was published in 1998.

“I learned to use a computer the hard way,” Frazier said. “I’m still learning.”

He spent hours pulling characters and plot lines from his imagination, drawing on his background in the Army, his travels as a salesman and general life experiences to pull it all together.

“Black Hand Over Kansas” begins in China in 1865 with a couple who escape the revolution in that country. They settle in Kansas and befriend a rancher’s wife whose husband, Malcolm, is a Civil War officer held as a prisoner of war in a Confederate prison in Georgia.

“It tells of the persecution of the Chinese people and how they survive in the United States by forming an alliance with a POW in prison,” Frazier said. “It constantly leaves you hanging by a cliff, wondering how they’re going to get out of the next situation.”

At the end of the book, Frazier left the door open for another adventure.

Before he knew it, he’d written the second book titled, “Journada Del Muerto,” meaning Journey of the Dead Man.

The second novel tells how the heroes band together and take

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