Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Lesson in benevolence

Senior English class collects supplies for those in need.

Students in Roxanne Whiting’s senior English class not only learned about collecting and donating supplies but also about benevolence.

Half of one student team collected and donated items to the Parent-Child Center for Dawson and Gosper counties while the second team gathered items for students in need in Amanda (Max) Barkmeier’s elementary classroom in Lincoln.

On May 11, the class gave the supplies to Jennifer Soncksen, Parent-Child Center director, and Doug Max, who is Barkmeier’s father.

Items included such things as food, diapers and paper products for the Parent-Child Center and backpacks, pencils and pens for the Lincoln classroom.

“This was completely their project and accomplishment,” Whiting said.

Whiting said she loved how the students incorporated English skills into the project to do something that contributes to their world.

For example, students wrote announcements, contacted newspapers, made phone calls, created posters and sent e-mails.

Students also exhibited communication skills in working together, delegating and coordinating tasks that had to be accomplished.

“In the end, they used their education and discovered that they can make an impact on the world around them,” Whiting said.

Through the project, she said she observed students who interact minimally all year in a classroom setting come to life and take charge and initiative.

“I watch in amazement as they truly exhibit their potential and responsibility and community ethic and I celebrate what they are accomplishing,” Whiting said.

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