Friday, June 22, 2018
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The meaning of ‘hot’

Steel Tank construction: Employees of Heartland Tank of Ponca City, OK, drink a lot of water when the sun heats up—into the 120-degree-plus range—a new, steel fertilizer tank they are erecting at All Points Cooperative. The crew also takes many breaks when welding seams that hold the steel panels together, according to Tanner Vap, a company welder and rigger. Vap said the sun heats steel on the bottom of the tank much like a skillet and will burn skin on contact. Once completed in another month, supervisor Josh Fansler said the tank will hold almost two million gallons of fertilizer. Pictured, the crew puts another panel in place that is secured with steel thin pins until seams can be welded on Monday. The thermometer shows 120 degrees inside the sunny part of the tank.