Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Letter misses the point

It’s a good thing Penny Fattig was not in charge of deciphering hieroglyphics in the Egyptian pyramids (07-20-11 letter). Perhaps she has her “Captain Midnight” secret decoder ring on the dyslexia setting.

She wrote that I believe Obama is a weak leader because he cut back on funding for the Egyptian people. It’s the other way around. Even though he holds the most powerful office on earth, all of his decisions are born out of weakness. The exception being his forceful usurpation of our freedoms.

She also wrote that I obviously feel Obama should not have reduced funding to the Egyptian people. I was only reporting the cause and effect of his action. I’ll repeat, nothing in my letter implied that I was for or against the funding.

Then she wrote that maybe I believe we should have helped to keep a corrupt dictator in power. I gave Hosni Mubarak low marks on humanitarianism toward his people and wrote “at least there was peace. But, there was also corruption and suffering.” Penny wrote “...if you can call corruption and allowing abuse of his own people peace.” Huh? The peace I referred to, was between Egypt and Israel. Which is worse, having hungry people or making them casualties of war?

In an attempt to downplay Bush’s success, Penny wrote, Freedom House ratings showed Egypt in the “not free” category. Should we be surprised at this, while they were receiving 80% of their funding from the same U.S. government that was going around the Egyptian regime? That would be like a cancer research scientist saying, don’t give me anymore government grants, there is no cure.

Penny’s goal seems to be to show hypocrisy on my part (and tea partiers)—approving funding foreign ventures and opposing entitlements in our own country. Thirty years ago, someone had to make a decision about how to keep the peace between Egypt and Israel. The government didn’t ask me if we should start sending them money. If they had, I would have at least wanted the money to have tight restrictions on it’s use. What I think about the whole mess isn’t going to change a thing. The main problem arose from lack of follow-up (so there would be neither hunger nor war). Now I oppose Obama’s desire to give that money to his terrorist buddies. I’ve had enough of this subject. I think I’ll look up the definitions of socialism and entitlement in one of my favorite books (the dictionary).

The $2 billion per year we’ve been giving Egypt? Thanks to Barry’s spending, our debt is rising the same amount every 12 hours.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg