Friday, June 22, 2018
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Parties should quit slinging mud

“Nothing in my (7-27-11) letter implied that I was for or against the funding (to Egypt),” according to Neil Davis. “ ... it only reinforces my point that, as perhaps the weakest president we have ever had, Obama didn’t want that fight and cut funding for the people of Egypt. I was under the impression that Democrats are the party of the people,” he also wrote. That sounds to me like he was upset with Obama for cutting funding to Egypt.

Davis also wrote that I was attempting to downplay Bush’s success (USAID/Egypt). The fact is that the democracy and governance programs were not working and Bush, himself, started reducing aid to Egypt and Obama continued.

I don’t understand Neil’s statement that Obama desires to give money to his terrorist buddies. I’ve never heard about any such thing from any reliable news source. Obama did, however, order the Seals to take out the worst of the terrorists, Osama bin Laden, which had been one of his goals all along.

I think the two parties need to quit slinging mud and come together for the good of the country. Obviously, gridlock is not a good thing.