Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Health care opinion praised

Bravo Jay Matzke (07-27 letter). How refreshing to read about Obamacare, from a medical professional’s standpoint. Since Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan was introduced, Democrats have been accusing Republicans of trying to destroy Medicare (pushing granny off a cliff in her wheelchair).

I would like to make one correction to Dr. Matzke’s letter. Democrats took $500 billion (not $500 million) from Medicare to fund Obamacare, so the CBO could give it a passing grade. Ironically, Republicans are the ones introducing legislation—making tough decisions to save the future of entitlements, while Democrats are in total opposition.

In the past, Sen. Ben Nelson has had the luxury of voting against his own party when his vote didn’t matter. Now that the radical programs of Obama require every single vote for passage, Nelson has voted for every America killing bill coming down the pike. He had a chance to be a hero and shine the light of freedom on our state. Instead, he gave Nebraska a black eye, as shady back-room deals will forever be referenced as a “cornhusker kickback.” Thanks Ben.