Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Plenty of pep in GHS hallways during video shoot

Watch for it on YouTube.

Students dancing with golf clubs, spinning in Spanish sombreros, dashing through hallways and clapping to the school song are a sampling of a school video shot last Friday by the media productions class.

The message?

That there’s a place for every person at Gothenburg High School and activities they can be involved in, according to Dan Jensen, who teaches the class.

Junior and senior high students dismissed early that day for four takes of filming that began in the media center, wove up and downstairs through hallways, a school gym and cafeteria before ending on the football field where the band formed the letter GHS and played the Swede fight song.

“We thought homecoming would be the best time to film because of how hyped up everyone would be,” said senior Josh Clark who videotaped students. “It was a constant roar as I went by with everyone cheering and singing.”

Senior MacKenzie Brand returned home with the idea from a workshop.

Within three weeks, she, Clark and other students in the media class had written teachers and sponsors of activities about what they wanted, told students about the project at an assembly and gave them maps of where they were to stand.

“We wanted different organizations and kids all together having fun,” Brand said.

With Katy Perry’s upbeat hit “Firework” piped through the school’s intercom system, Clark with camera in hand, wound his way though the hallways. Brand was close behind, barking positioning orders through a walkie talkie.

“I was surprised it went so well and everyone cooperated,” Brand said. “No group just stood there.”

Jensen was amazed at how well students, involved in more than one activity, quickly moved from one area to another, changing T-shirts and costumes while on the run.

Students plan to have the video edited and ready for distribution next week.

In addition to putting it on YouTube, if approved by school officials, they want to show it during school events, at graduation and plan to add it to the schools website at

Sudents involved in the project will also receive copies.

Since filming coincided with homecoming activities, Brand said she felt like it made homecoming memorable for GHS seniors.

“It was great getting everyone together at the beginning of the day and then pepped up for the parade and pep rally,” she said. “From then on (after filming), everything went perfect.”

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