Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Sebelius gains too much power

It was nice of Penny Fattig to showcase my opinion, by listing quotes of my opposition to entitlements in her last letter. The Supreme Court ruling wasn’t my opinion however.

Oddly, I didn’t see the quote that she holds in contention, in that list. I don’t think Penny understands what she wrote. Believing in something, is having faith or confidence in it’s existence, not whether you agree or disagree with it.

“Neil Davis has stated that he does not believe in entitlements...” is a very definitive statement. Failure to show where I made that statement, also makes it a false one. By Penny’s standard, I could write this about her last letter. Penny Fattig has stated that the best health care plan for wealthy people, is to get old, sick, disabled or injured.

In response to a past letter where I quoted her, she wrote, “I thought it quite cute the way Neil Davis copied the typos to a “T” in my last letter...” Apparently, the editor couldn’t read her handwriting. I used a computer operation called “cut and paste” to take her words directly from The Times’ website. How would I know what she actually wrote? I didn’t make up statements of my own (putting words in her pen).

Here are more reasons Obamacare needs to be killed and the Dept. of Health and Human Services diminished. Obamacare has 700 references to the secretary “shall,” 200 to the secretary “may,” and 139 to the secretary “determines,” giving HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the power of a dictator. Sebelius (who has the compassion of Pol Pot) has proposed a rule demanding insurance companies submit detailed health care information about their patients to the federal government. This is the information that the “death panels” will use to determine whether you are worthy enough to live (or not).

Do you think the government will hold your medical records in confidence? Do you remember when your Social Security number used to be private? Forget about that bank loan for your brain transplant. With Obamacare, Granny will be turned down at the movie store, fearing litigation when her bum ticker doesn’t make it through an action film.

My parents were far from wealthy. Before government involvement in health care, our family used the services of a doctor, then he got paid. People make payments on homes, cars, etc. without forcing their neighbors to pitch in. What’s the difference with health care? The best health care plan is one developed between you and your doctor.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg