Monday, June 25, 2018
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Recycling doesn’t merit class time

Recycling makes sense (11-02 article), but should it be a function of education? I think of how good intentions became the Environmental Protection Agency. Sure, it’s quite a stretch between those two points. What started out as an agency that gave us cleaner air and water, now has far reaching powers into almost every aspect of our lives.

Over 17,000 socialists, Leninists and general nanny busybodies, along with five people in black robes, have decided that the gas which supports plant life and in turn all living creatures, is a pollutant. They believe this gives them the power to literally control the air that we breathe. One of their latest attempts, was to force dust regulations on farmers.

I see merit in the school recycling project as it pertains to acquiring organizational and business skills, etc. Students sitting around, peeling labels off of plastic bottles (?)—not so much. Property taxpayers can tell me it’s none of my business. I just think it’s a distraction from more important learning experiences.

Our educators and students do deserve congratulations. Recent articles in The Times show how our students exceed state graduation and (on most levels) testing rates. Unfortunately, this is not the case nationwide (a much lower graduation rate around 70%).

A report issued by America’s Promise Alliance, found that “...only about half (53%) of all young people in the nation’s 50 largest cities are graduating from high school on time.” Reports show that one third of those who do graduate (most with a GPA above 3.0) need to take remedial (developmental) classes, mostly math and English, before entering college. If they enroll in an “elite” university, they have a good chance of being indoctrinated by leftwing, Marxist, America-hating professors like Obama’s buddy, Bill “the bomber” Ayers.

I looked at the results of a study claiming, college makes students more liberal, but not smarter about civics. I also looked at an online civics test. Not surprisingly, comments I read on liberal blogs, denied the major bias of professors in academia (re-writing history). Only a few were honest enough to admit that the study wasn’t slamming liberalism and that more than likely, conservatives didn’t score any higher on the tests.

In my mind, diminished study of history has damaged the country. If you don’t know history, you don’t know the sacrifices that were made and therefore take for granted what made this country the greatest experiment in the history of the planet. Don’t expect a sudden outbreak of patriotism on campus.

The president received applause and cheering for his speech at Columbia University. Oh wait, that wasn’t our president. That was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, who calls for the destruction of Israel and thinks that the United States is the “great Satan.” When our president speaks to college students, he tells them Wall Street stands in the way of their education. Voila! Occupy Wall Street, gives us an ongoing look at the idiocy of socialism on parade.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg