Friday, June 22, 2018
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Village raises speed limit on River Street

Board considers removing stop signs

Motorists coming off the Link 56D highway into Brady on the south side of town may now get to their destinations slightly quicker.

During their regular monthly meeting on March 7, village board members voted to increase the speed limit on River Street from 20 mph to 25 mph.

River Street was paved when the Link 56D road was rerouted and the Highway 30 overpass built in 2006.

At that same time, a walking bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks eliminated the Market Street crossing.

Trustees chose to increase the speed limit on the street to make it more of a through street.

The speed limit in all other parts of Brady is 20 mph except on Highway 30, which is 45 mph through town.

Trustees discussed but did not agree to take out the stop signs at the intersection of River and Market streets just yet.

Board chairman Jeff Miller said the combination of increased speed and no stop signs made trustees a little wary so they decided to study the cost and feasibility of installing a speed bump or dip at the intersection.

Trustees had also been approached about removing stop signs at the intersection of Locust and Commercial but voted against it.

In other business, the village board was asked, this time by a prospective property buyer, to rezone a lot on North Vine Street just off Highway 30 from commercial use to residential and allow the installation of a mobile home there.

Last month, property owner Don Knudsen asked the board to consider allowing a mobile home to be placed at the site at the request of a prospective buyer.

This month, Bob Mann asked the board for the same thing, saying he would purchase the lot only if a mobile home is allowed.

The land sits between two residential lots and Miller said board members thought it was zoned for residential use but the official village map shows it as commercial.

Miller also said a long-standing code in the village books prohibits new mobile homes from being placed north of Highway 30.

“None of us were on the board then so we don’t really know the basis of that ordinance,” Miller said.

No action was taken on the request. Miller said board members intend to look into housing programs that would help add traditionally built housing or rehabilitate existing homes for rental use.

In other action, trustees:

learned an informational session presented by the Gothenburg High School FFA parliamentary team will be conducted at the Community Center later this month. Scheduling is not final.

voted to renew the package liquor license for the Brady Get-N-Go.

agreed to gather bids for replacement of the rain gutters on the Community Center.

authorized a one-time payment of $80 to trustees Todd Roe and Jim Booth for time spent attending training sessions.

decided to form a committee for planning and conducting Brady Days rather than having it fall on the village clerk to do.