Sunday, July 22, 2018
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New Rotary Club offers service option

Gothenburg is blessed to have a large number of young adults in the community, says long-time resident Bob Andrist.

A new Rotary Club is focusing on a membership of those younger folks willing to give their time and talent in service to others, but anyone of any age is welcome.

The After Dark Rotary Club was formed about a month ago intending to give Gothenburg residents an option, according to Andrist, club president.

Andrist said the Noon Rotary Club is vibrant and active and has been since he was a charter member in 1980.

Unfortunately, the Monday noon meeting schedule doesn’t work for everyone.

“Some people work out of town or have schedules that don’t allow a noon meeting,” Andrist said. “This will just give them a chance to belong to Rotary with an evening meeting.”

It’s not a new idea, Andrist said. Lots of communities have more than one Rotary Club.

Pulling it off in a town the size of Gothenburg could be a challenge, he said, but it’s certainly not impossible.

The group already has 16 members on its way to the 25 required for a charter.

“We want it to be a social thing and at the same time find needs we can meet in the community,” Andrist said. “We have got great churches, a strong school system, good banks and wonderful people here. This is just one more way to give back, to say thank you to the community for all it has given us.”

Rotary International has more than 34,000 clubs worldwide with approximately 1.2 million members.

A key mission of the international organization is to eradicate polio, Andrist said.

“It’s a wonderful thing and we are so close to seeing the end of polio in the world,” he said.

Locally, the After Dark Rotary will be looking for service projects large and small.

Andrist said they might do yard work for an elderly resident or paint a porch or contribute to school activities.

“We’re open to suggestions,” he said. “It’s all about service and making the community a better place.”

As it gets rolling, After Dark Rotary will get help and advice from the Noon Rotary. Andrist said the two may work together on some large projects.

“It’s definitely not a competition between the two clubs,” he said. “It’s just another way to get people into Rotary.”