Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Hospital election concerns

I have great concerns about the upcoming election for the hospital board. Three of the six candidates on the roster for election are either doctors or hospital employees. I consider this a significant ethical concern for our hospital.

This hospital board will be hiring a new administrator whose responsibility it will be to direct the day-to-day operations of the hospital. Among these responsibilities is resolving issues among staff members and protecting the interests of the hospital in any legal issues. How could an administrator maintain impartiality when the people he could be censoring are part of the board that has the power to fire him? A clear conflict of interest is at issue!

Please note that this is in no way an attempt to impugn the reputations of any medical professionals in our community. I have great respect for the medical staff in our community having been involved in recruiting Dr. Matzke and selecting local doctors for our personal medical care needs. We are very fortunate to have a skilled set of professionals and a progressive facility in our community. My goal is to have this continue into the next generations.

I would like to propose an alternative write-in choice for the upcoming vote, my husband Gregg Anderson. He is experienced as a board member, having served as a school board secretary/treasurer for several years at New Hope School, the rural school our children attended, and also as a former council member for Zion Lutheran Church. He has been a location manager at All Points Cooperative for the past seven years and a parent and lifetime community member.

I am fully aware that a write-in candidate has a very slim chance of election so I would also like to propose that this practice be investigated. I am told that this is not a breach of the by-laws of the hospital; however, I would encourage the district patrons to speak with board members to change the by-laws to reflect a policy that does not allow persons with a financial interest in hospital issues to be elected to the board.

In closing, discuss this matter with your friends and neighbors and reflect on the issues at hand prior to voting. I would urge you to write in Gregg Anderson for the hospital board.