Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Daharsh is bound for Germany

First local Rotary exchange student since 1990

While her classmates buckle down to semester tests Wednesday, Gothenburg High School sophomore Carlin Daharsh will be headed to Denver to board a plane for Germany.

Daharsh is the first student in the Youth Rotary Exchange Program from Gothenburg since 1990.

Her mother, Cressy (Stull) Daharsh traveled to South Africa from 1989-90 while Lisa (Zarek) Jorgenson traveled to Sweden.

On this visit, Carlin is enrolled in a short-term, six-week exchange and will return July 2.

Once she graduates from high school, she’d like to spend a year outside the United States in the long-term exchange program.

Upon her return, Carlin will be accompanied by an “exchange” sister, Sarah Wiechlein, who will stay with the Daharsh family until Aug. 24.

In Nuesdadt/Aisch, Germany, Carlin will live with the Wiechlein’s family that includes three children.

She’ll attend school there and travel throughout Germany, France, Scotland and Great Britain with her family and European Rotarians.

Carlin has had several German lessons from a teacher in Lincoln.

What Carlin looks most forward to, she said, is traveling, being with her host family and promoting the Rotary Exchange Program.

When Sarah returns with her to Gothenburg, Carlin said she’s most excited about taking her to her grandmother (Connie Dalrymple’s) house for Christmas in July with relatives. They’ll also travel to Texas for a visit.

Carlin has met with other students who have been Rotary exchange students.

Their advice?

“Don’t be afraid to do as the Romans do,” she said.

Cressy said she’s proud her daughter wants to experience everything she can.

“There are so many life experiences out there,” she said. “Rotary International is an amazing organization and I am glad I was able to share my experiences with her over the years.”

Anyone interested in being a short- or long-term exchange student can contact Cressy, who is the youth exchange officer for the Gothenburg Rotary Club. She can be reached at


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