Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Wolf leads engineering company

ZABUL PROVINCE, Afghanistan – In a change of command ceremony held at Forward Operating Base Pasab, U.S. Army Capt. Evan Wolf of Gothenburg, assumed command of the 22nd Engineer Clearance Company, May 1.

“I was excited and nervous, knew I was going to get a great company,” said Wolf. “I was anxious to get here though and wanted to work with some true professional NCOs and leaders.”

The change of command ceremony is a formal event conducted between the outgoing and incoming commander. It is an official passing of responsibility and authority from the outgoing commander to the incoming commander.

This is generally conducted at all levels of command in the Army. The outgoing commander gets to address his company or unit for the last time, and the incoming commander can officially speak to his company for the first time.

Wolf assumes command from U.S. Army Capt. Daniel Lao. Lao spent the last 18 months commanding the company and leading them during Operation Enduring Freedom.

“Capt. Lao had very good systems in place and was very involved and everyone was competent in their skills,” said Wolf. “He had a very good foundation and I’m looking forward to further improving but he left me a very good product to start with.”

Receiving his commission in the Corps of Engineers from the United States Military Academy, Wolf holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering and a master’s of science in engineering management from the University of Missouri Science and Technology. His previous assignments included 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion at Fort Bragg, NC, Sapper Platoon Leader and Battalion Plans Officer.

By assuming command of the 22nd, Wolf has also inherited the responsibility of ensuring their Afghan National Army partnerships continue to flourish.

“I really want to press the partnership more, that’s the key to us getting out of here, we need to get that ANA out in front as much as possible and get them to want to be in front,” said Wolf. “They are capable of doing this. We need to make sure they’re capable and build their confidence. Ultimately it’s up to them how they succeed and that will determine our success”

While eager to work with his new company, Wolf had a few things in mind he wanted to do differently.

“I look forward to building a team and family here. I want to see how we can get everyone united and become stronger. I also want to tie in better training so that we can push each other.”

The 22nd was constituted, Nov. 12, 1942, as Company A in the 127th Airborne Engineer Battalion. It was activated, Feb. 25, 1943, as an element of the 11th Airborne Division. After several changes over the next two decades it was designated as the 22nd Engineer Company in 1964 and activated at Fort Lewis, WA, which remains its current home station.

“I think they’re afraid I’m going to run them into the ground; one of the guys knew me before and has everyone scared, but I think we’re all excited and want to see where things go from here,” Wolf said.