Monday, June 18, 2018
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Irrigators reminded of NRD’s ‘2 & 8’ rule

The Central Platte Natural Resources District staff reported that they have set a timeline to notify landowners on the “2 & 10” rule, which requires landowners to irrigate at least two years by the year 2019 in order to keep their certified irrigation status.

The report was given to the board of directors at their monthly meeting in Grand Island. Reminders about the rule and necessary proof of irrigation requirements will be sent or published starting in 2013 and every two years following. Ongoing reminders will also be utilized through various media.

Other action taken:

Variance/Appeals Sub-Committee—The sub-committee’s agenda included:

LiDAR: James Huntwork, NRCS, discussed four options that have been compiled to achieve district-wide LiDAR. LiDAR is topographic elevations developed from aerial radar detection. The only county that is currently not covered by the LiDAR imagery is Custer County. The NRCS is working with other NRDs to provide more statewide coverage, which would also provide a cost savings to all partners. Jim Bedfeldt, committee chairman, said there are “immense opportunities” to use district-wide lidar that would apply to several projects and programs. The committee, staff and NRCS will meet within the next two weeks to decide which option best suites the Central Platte NRD. The board gave approval to the committee to make the decision on the cost of the project on behalf of the board since the decision needs to be made prior to the June board meeting.

Water Banking Agreements—Ron Bishop distributed three agreements to the board and requested that they review them and provide input so that action may be taken to approve the agreements at the June 28 board meeting. Following is a description of the draft agreements:

Platte Basin Water Project Coalition Interlocal Cooperation Agreement, Parties: Nebraska Department of Natural Resources and the following NRDs: South Platte, Twin Platte, North Platte, Tri-Basin and Central Platte. This agreement would allow utilization of the new Water Cash Fund through the Nebraska Environmental Trust and the Legislature for Platte Basin water management activities and would take the place of the Platte Basin Habitat Enhancement Program.

J-2 Regulating Reservoir, Parties: Nebraska Department of Natural Resources and the following NRDs: Central Platte, Tri-Basin and Twin Platte. The agreement would allow excess flows from the Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District supply canals to be stored and later put into the Platte River when needed to meet U.S. Fish & Wildlife target flows. The excess flows would be used as credit for requirements of the Platte River Recovery Implementation Project.

Financial Management Agreement, Parties: Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, Nebraska Community Foundation, and the following NRDs: Central Platte, South Platte, Tri-Basin, and Twin Platte. The agreement states that the Nebraska Community Foundation will be utilized for administrative and financial management support for water management activities.

Proposed Project: Ron Bishop reported that those board members present at the special joint board meeting with the Twin Platte NRD held on May 9, voted unanimously to approve an offer to the Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District (CNPPID) to assist them financially at converting their surface water irrigation project to a groundwater irrigation project and recharge program. He said a presentation to the CNPPID board set for May 25 has been postponed until June 22 so that the entire CNPPID board would be in attendance for the presentation. Bishop and Kent Miller, Twin Platte NRD general manager, will present the offer to aid in helping surface water irrigators to switch to groundwater irrigation.