Monday, June 18, 2018
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The Very Unmerry Adventures of Robin Hood

Brady students present one-act play.

Tights are one thing. High school boys in tights on stage in front of an audience is another.

Tights, arrows, chivalry and good old-fashioned competition take the stage as Brady High School students present the one-act play, “The Very Unmerry Adventures of Robin Hood.”

“I knew I was going to have a cast of mostly boys,” said second-year director Tonya Shaw. “And I knew they would want to do something funny.”

“Robin Hood” fills both of those needs.

The play is set in Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood (played by senior Chevas Shaw) and his Merry Men are called on to save the land from being destroyed by the Sheriff of Nottingham (Corbin Blede).

Not only are Robin Hood’s archery skills challenged but so are the talents of his friends.

“One of the biggest challenges has been having all those kids on the stage at one time,” Shaw said, “especially since we’ve rarely been able to practice all together.”

Because students in small schools are likely to be involved in several activities simultaneously, Shaw said the practice schedule has tested her patience.

But the students have worked hard to pull it all together, she said.

Another test has come from the set change and the costumes.

Plastic piping with painted canvas serves as the forest backdrop. When the scene goes indoors, the canvas changes too.

And the 22 costumes reasonably rented from a dealer in Cambridge complete the atmosphere.

“This is a high-energy group,” Shaw said. “They have been fun to work with.”

The Brady students presented “Robin Hood” for the first time on Monday at the Sandhills Conference contest in Mullen, finishing third of nine schools. Shaw, Nathan Montoya and Danielle Gutherless each earned outstanding actor/actress honorable mention.

The play will be presented for the public at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19, at the school and again in the D1-5 district contest at Holdrege Nov. 30.

Members of the cast are: Soldiers (Nathan Montoya and Dalton Riedel), Robin Hood (Chevas Shaw), Little John (Tyler Egenberger), Merry Men (Ethann Barnes and Devan Polt), Poor Women (Kristen Boden, Beccah Barnes, Taina Taullie), Peasant sign-poster (Daniel Splane), Helga the innkeeper (Jessica Schrad), Will Scarlett (Brad Ward), Marion (Danielle Gutherless), Maids (Kaiti Black and Amanda Lunkwitz), Billy Shakespeare the young poet (Ethan Callahan), Sheriff of Nottingham (Corbin Blede), King Richard (Ryan Porter), Friar Tuck (Brodie Sullivan-Bock) and stage hands, Kyle Pohlman and Jeff Simants.