Thursday, September 20, 2018
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ACE customers get lowest rollover rate

Community-owned ACE, the Public Alliance for Community Energy, once again had the lowest rollover rate among natural gas suppliers participating in the 2012 Nebraska Choice Gas program’s selection period the last two weeks in April.

Customers that did not choose a natural gas supplier during the two-week selection period receive a rollover rate from the supplier they had the previous year. Each supplier’s rates are set after the end of the selection period.

ACE’s rollover fixed rate per therm for the 2012-13 gas year (June 1 through May 30, 2013) is .539 cents per therm in the Central region and .469 cents per therm in the Western region. The two rates are the lowest of all suppliers that participated in the selection period, according to rates recently released by the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC).

Based on a typical residential annual natural gas usage (800 therms), ACE’s lower rollover rate will save ACE rollover customers approximately $100 this year compared to some other suppliers’ rollover rates.

To get the rollover rates of each supplier, contact the PSC at (800) 526-0017.

Overall, ACE signed up 24,659 accounts and increased its market share to 31%. There were five natural gas suppliers in this year’s selection period compared to four the previous year. Rates were down about 26% from the previous year, which translates to significant savings for customers.