Sunday, June 24, 2018
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New green pivot tire never goes flat

Dawson Tire & Wheel develops rugged, rigid RhinoGator

A revolutionary new plastic tire designed and developed in Gothenburg has so many benefits over rubber tires that it could change the look of the entire irrigation pivot industry.

And not just by its chartreuse color.

RhinoGator is a new generation of high-density plastic tire that was designed by Dawson Tire & Wheel.

It’s rugged and rigid and it never goes flat, the designers say.

“The idea behind it was a simple solution for typical air-filled tires,” said Dawson Tire & Wheel customer service representative John Block, who worked on the design.

Typical air-filled rubber tires don’t last as long these days as they used to, Block said. And on irrigation pivots, a flat can be a major expense for many reasons.

“By the time you see a flat on a pivot in the field, it’s usually too late and the tire is ruined,” Block said.

Besides that, he said, crops can be lost from equipment driving into the field for repairs.

“It’s just a bad deal.”

Because the RhinoGator is not filled with air, it never goes flat.

It is also designed specifically for the daily rigors, weight and environmental conditions that are common under pivots.

The resin formula—including renewable plastic made from corn—was specifically chosen for a wide range of conditions unique to pivot systems including bearing weight, stress and torque, material consistency, ease of handling and exposure to sunlight, moisture and chemicals.

“This tire is fully UV protected so it doesn’t crack in the sun,” Block said. “And won’t be damaged by water and chemicals.”

The RhinoGator tread was also designed for maximum ground-gripping traction on wet soils, even up inclines that would challenge standard tires.

With traditional rubber pivot tires, Block said mud can build up and cause slipping.

The non-directional tread of the RhinoGator ensures traction clockwise and counter-clockwise while the thick center rib makes for a lower profile sidewall and added strength.

It also allows mud to slide off instead of collecting on the tire, Block said.

The tires were tested on some pivots in the Gothenburg area during the past growing season as well as farther south.

Block said this year’s drought was terrible for farmers but good for the testing process since pivots were run for more hours in a variety of conditions.

Dawson Tire & Wheel is the exclusive distributor of the RhinoGator, which comes in two pieces and can be easily installed with standard wrenches and typical safety equipment.

It comes in three sizes and can be used in combination with ordinary rubber tires on a pivot system.

For more information, visit or call Dawson Tire & Wheel at 537-7408 or toll free at 888-604-3403.