Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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They work for who?

How many of you out there make $180,000 or more a year and only have to show up for work about 2.4 days per week—or 126 days a year and have 239 days off out of 365—and do very little work once you get there?

I’m guessing not too many. Well, me neither.

Sure, there are numerous CEOs in charge of these gigantic corporations who get zillions of dollars in bonuses per year just for being there, but I’m talking about the working class—the “meat and potatoes” backbone-type people.

Believe it or not, those jobs do exist in this country, but if you really don’t believe me, just ask John Boehner and Eric Cantor—they have these jobs. Yes, the American people elected these guys to work in public service for the people and the country.

Wow, what happened there? They are the ones, along with some others, who still believe the very wealthy should get tax breaks on their hidden money in Swiss banks or the Cayman Islands, or how about their private jets they also use for vacations and recreation.

I bet most of you didn’t get tax breaks for driving your car or truck to your workplace. I didn’t either.

Now, back to Mr. Boehner and Mr. Cantor and company—known as Congress. The Congress are the ones that have the primary power in our political system. Their job, if they would only do it, is to write up and vote on and pass bills. That is not the president’s job. His job is to sign or veto a bill.

Congress could have stayed, as they should have, and negotiated with the president on how to end the sequester, and write and pass a bill. Even if the president vetoed it, Congress has the power to overturn it.

Now, since there was nothing accomplished with the sequester, and Cantor sent Congress home, maybe they should just stay home without pay until they are ready to do their jobs that they were elected to do by the American people. Are you listening Adrian Smith? After all, it was Congress that gave up on negotiations.

Some Republican aides are saying behind closed doors that Mr. Boehner sees no need to negotiate, because he claims Congress is in a good place for getting spending cuts, and those cuts are taking effect. Well, those cuts sure aren’t helping people that will lose their jobs.

I’m not jealous that Mr. Boehner will be receiving $223,500, and Mr. Cantor will receive $193,400 for their services—or lack of—for 2013. I just hope they and Congress get their act together and leave their pride and ego at home, and not bring it to the workplace—the few times they show up there throughout the year.

The bottom line is, I might not have liked my boss, and my boss might not have like me, but I was getting paid to do my job to the best of my abilities, and that was expected of me to do so.

That being said, Congress if you claim to be working for the American people, you have a very strange way of showing it.