Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Exploring science projects cover various topics

Brady students made educated guesses about a variety of wild science ideas and then carried out experiments to prove, or disprove, their hypothesis.

Students in grades 5-12 showed off their projects to their classmates and the public during the second annual science fair at the school on Thursday evening.

There were many ideas explored, from hurricanes and deer diseases to catapults, volcanos, tension-powered cars and everything in between.

Eighth-graders Tara Callahan and Jessica Most took best-of-show honors with their project titled, “Why Do Your Fingers Get Pruney in the Bathtub?” Their purpose was to find out why human fingers and toes wrinkle in water.

First-place finishers were seventh-graders Emery Swan and Lexi Simants while sixth-graders Gisele Britt and Kaitlyn Ronning were second and eighth-graders Ryan Rayburn and Hannah DeStefano were third.

The science fair was organized by fifth-grade teacher Angela Johnson, sixth-grade teacher Jeralyn Callahan and middle/high school science teacher Tony Munter.