Monday, June 25, 2018
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Area News Digest

Taken from the news columns of area newspapers.

Local dance teams shine at Denver revue

COZAD—Team members of the In Motion Dance Company from the Kids Artistic Revue competing in Denver, CO, brought home a pair of first place awards and a trio of top first-place awards as well as receiving a Broadway Bound Beauties award for their musical theater routine and a Most Entertaining award for one of their jazz routines. The Espionage group received the Regional Champion award in their division and were chosen to participate in a trip to New York City this summer.—reported in the Tri-City Trib.

18th annual Kid Fair features a beach party

BROKEN BOW—Each year the community of Broken Bow sets aside a Saturday specifically devoted to kids, and this year it was a beach party theme. The 18th annual Community Kid Fair took place April 20 at the Broken Bow High School gym with special guest performer musician and songwriter Thad Beach. Beach specializes in writing original children’s songs and showcases a variety of unique instruments while teaching the magic of words, language, rhyme and music. Other activities included a discovery event, a ballet and a school garden.—reported in the Custer County Chief.

OHS increases school day, number of classes

OGALLALA—Ogallala High School students will be having one additional class to attend each day and a slightly longer school day when they return from summer vacation. Members of the Ogallala Public School Board of Education approved the increase, from seven class periods to eight, at a recent board meeting. The change will shorten all other class periods by seven minutes and increase the day about five minutes.—reported in the Keith County News.

80 mph winds produces extensive damage

CURTIS—A complex storm system that moved east recently brought a mixture of rain, snow, ice and damaging winds. The greatest thunderstorm wind damage occurred in northeast Frontier County. Winds were estimated up to 80 mph for nearly 30 minutes that produced straight-line wind damage covering an area 48-square miles to the west and southwest of Eustis. The strong winds took down power lines and snapped 40 power poles as well as damage to roofs, outbuildings, windows, pivot systems and trees. The high winds produced damage at 12 farmsteads with extensive damage just north of county road 741 where two large buildings and nine silos were destroyed.—reported in the Frontier County Enterprise.

Cemetery website moves forward in plan

ARNOLD—The cemetery website project is moving forward as step two of raising $1,500 has now been completed. Step three will be construction of the website, which is currently underway. The design and “main” pages of the website are on schedule to be completed and the site live by late May. Step four will include adding information for the deceased from the Arnold Cemetery, and step five is to form a committee to assist with fundraising for ongoing monthly website hosting.—reported in the Arnold Sentinel.

New church art design company settles in

CALLAWAY—Old-world craftsmanship handed down through family generations has landed in Callaway inside the old Right Drug Store. Sacred Heart Church Art, LLC, knows what it takes to design a church from scratch or restore one of 150-year-old vintage. Eileen Ratigan uses the skills she learned from her father which he learned from his father, who learned from old-world craftsmen in the art of interior church design. Before that, her great-grandfather was a church caretaker who immigrated from Ireland to Omaha. Ratigan calls what she does interior decorating with craftsmanship, and when looking for just the right place to settle down, chose Callaway. The company has already been contracted to do the complete interior remodeling of St. Boniface Catholic Church in Callaway.—reported in the Callaway Courier.