Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Kids offer a wish for their Moms

Winners have been named in the “If I Could Grant My Mom One Wish, it Would Be...” essay contest sponsored by the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce Retail/Promotion Committee.

The winning entries included:

Mary Harbur

Submitted by Ashton Harbur, 1st grade.

“If I could give my mom one wish, I would give her a bunch of flowers and hugs. I would also give her a dream vacation.

She loves me, she also takes care of me. My mom takes care of my brothers and sisters, too. She works very hard and wants the best for us.

I love it when she paints my nails and does my hair. So, her dream vacation would have to include a person to do her hair and nails for her while she was gone.

I love her very much and would be very happy if I could make this wish come true.

For now, I will stick with giving her a lot of love and hugs.”

Jessica Herfel

Submitted by Sierra Herfel, 2nd grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be a camper.

Because she always wanted one, and because she always wants to go camping in a camper.

And I love camping, too!”

Jessica Fochtman

Submitted by Damion Fochtman, 3rd grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be straight A’s in school.

Because my mom is the best mom ever, and she works really hard. She takes care of my sister, Marley, Me and my dad.

I hope she loves what I do for her—I think she will love it.”

Holly Lambert

Submitted by Shyanne Lambert, 4th grade.

“I don’t know what she wants, but there are a few things my mom would love to have.

If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be to win the lottery and a million dollars. One month away from us to go to Hawaii. For me to go to college. For my brother to go to college. To retire at 65.

I’ll have my brother be nicer, for him not to go to time out. For our dog not to bite so much. To go on a date with Jimmy. To find a babysitter for my brother. Breakfast in bed every morning.

To be able to do an exercise video with us. To get more sleep. For my brother to stay at daycare all day. For me to be at the library all day. To live in the house we live in right now, but have enough money to pay for it every month.

To get married to Jimmy next summer. To meet a Genie and ask for a billion more wishes. To have Kassy our dog live till 18 not 15.

She could become a real nurse, not an extra. That she had a brand new car. That all the skunks around our house were gone.

I would take her to the fanciest restaurant in Nebraska. I would buy her the fanciest mansion in all of Nebraska.

I would make her lunch in bed. I would make her supper in bed. I would buy her a limousine.

I would cut out a zillion, billion, million paper hearts and put one wish on each piece of paper.

I would buy the finest, most elegant pieces of jewelry in Nebraska. I would buy her a million movies, like Dumbo and princess movies, and all sorts of others.

I would buy her shirts, pants, shorts. I would buy her a garden. I would buy her horses. I would buy her everything in the world!

To you, this would be a zillion, billion, million wishes—to me, this would be one BIG wish.”

Danielle Clouse

Submitted by Brielle Schutz, 5th grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be to have a wonderful and special life.

I would grant her this wish for several reasons. First, I would like her to be a very special mom and to be respected, because of what she does for my family. I would like to repay her.

In my opinion, I think my mom has special powers and they are to love, and that’s why I love her the way I do, and I thank her for that.

My mom is truly kind. She picks me up when I am down, and she helps with homework, chores, and when I’m having a bad day.

So, I think my mother is like no other and that’s why I love her so very much. All and all, I really love my mom and I hope you can understand why.”

Polly Ackerman

Submitted by Elise Ackerman, 6th grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be to get the two boys we are adopting.

My family is adopting two boys from Haiti, Wesley, 4, and Mark, 12.

This process takes a long time. For some people it takes three months, and for others, it takes three years. Ours will take longer because my parents have biological children, so it has to be signed by the president of Haiti.

My mom and my family are really excited and are praying for the adoption. I would grant my mom a wish for us to get the boys, soon.”