Thursday, June 21, 2018
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DC 4-H’ers compete in three judging contests

Ten Dawson County 4-H’ers competed in Life Challenge, Horticulture and Photography judging contests on Wednesday, May 29, at the Dawson County Extension Office in Lexington.

4-H Life Challenge Contest

Family and consumer science is the focus of the 4-H Life Challenge Contest. Participants judged cookies in the foods division and story books or toys in the child development division.

The top scorers in the Beginner, Junior and Senior divisions received the following medals:

Beginner Division—Greg Treffer (C), gold; Sarah Treffer (C), silver; and Saidi Rutten (L), bronze.

Junior Division—Camille Anderson (L), gold; Michelle Rodriguez (L), silver.

Senior Division—Ana Lopez (L), gold; Maricela Dones (L), silver; and Cristian Lopez (L), bronze.

The following ribbons were awarded:

Beginner Division—Purple: Greg Treffer (C), Sarah Treffer (C) and Saidi Rutten (L). Blue: Andrew Kreuscher (G).

Junior Division—Purple: Camille Anderson (L). Blue: Michelle Rodriguez (L).

Senior Division—Purple: Ana Lopez (L), Maricela Dones (L) and Cristian Lopez (L). Blue: Aaron Kreuscher (G).

Andrea Nisley, Extension educator, and Mike Wolff, 4-H Extension assistant, conducted the event.

4-H Horticulture ID/Judging

Judging carrots and potatoes, identifying various flowers and plants including columbine and mulberry, as well as answering questions on gardening were all part of the Dawson County 4-H Horticulture I.D. and Judging Contest.

Medal winners and top overall scores in the Junior Division went to: Greg Treffer, Cozad—gold medal; Sarah Treffer, Cozad—silver medal; and Saidi Rutten, Lexington—bronze medal.

In the Intermediate Division, Camille Anderson, Lexington, earned a gold medal.

Senior Division medal winners were: Aaron Kreuscher, Gothenburg—gold medal; Maricela Dones, Lexington—silver medal; and Ana Lopez, Lexington—bronze medal.

Ribbon awards included:

Junior Division—Purple: Greg Treffer, Cozad; Sarah Treffer, Cozad; and Saidi Rutten, Lexington. Blue: Andrew Kreuscher, Gothenburg.

Intermediate Division—Purple: Camille Anderson, Lexington.

Senior Division—Purple: Aaron Kreuscher, Gothenburg; Maricela Dones, Lexington; Ana Lopez, Lexington. Blue: Michelle Rodriguez, Lexington; and Cristian Lopez, Lexington.

Bruce Treffer, Extension educator, and Master Gardeners Cynthia Halbgewachs of Cozad and Cherese Barnes of Elwood, conducted the event.

4-H Photography Contest

The first Dawson County 4-H Photography Judging Contest attracted the interest of parents as well as 4-H’ers as participants judged two classes of photographs per division.

The top scorers in the Beginner, Junior and Senior divisions received the following medals:

Junior Division—Saidi Rutten (L), gold; Camille Anderson (L), silver; and Sarah Treffer (C), bronze.

Senior Division—Ana Lopez (L), gold; Cristian Lopez (L), silver; and Aaron Kreuscher (G), bronze.

The following ribbons were awarded:

Junior Division—Purple: Saidi Rutten (L), Camille Anderson (L), Sarah Treffer (C) and Michelle Rodriguez (L). Blue: Greg Treffer (C) and Andrew Kreuscher (G).

Senior Division—Purple: Ana Lopez (L), Cristian Lopez (L) and Aaron Kreuscher (G). Blue: Maricela Dones (L).

Mike Wolff, 4-H Extension assistant, conducted the event.