Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Reinke hired as principal of Brady Public School

Brady Public School has a new principal.

Dana Reinke, who previously taught kindergarten in Sutherland, was hired by the school board Monday night.

Her salary was set at $67,000.

In other action, the board approved a request from the State Board of Education to exclude certain expenditures, up to 2%, which translates into $48,855.

Superintendent Bill Porter said district officials want to increase the school budget by 2% so it will receive a larger amount of state aid.

Porter estimated nearly $700,000 in state aid.

“More money in our budget from the state means less local tax dollars spent on the school,” he said.

Board members also debated whether to hire Alexa Hopping, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate, to teach math to students grades seventh through 12.

At the end of debate, Hopping was hired.

Matt Hatch, board member, said he was unsure that hiring a new teacher would fix low math scores.

The board has raised its requirements in math for graduation.

Marge Spencer, another board member, said their goal is to break down class sizes and create more individualized instruction.

Smaller classes should lead to more success, Spencer said.

Reinke said Hopping was a good candidate for the position because “math is her thing.”

“She is a hard-working individual and can connect with people very well and help students reach the new math standards,” Reinke said.

During reports, the board learned that the school has begun summer projects that include upkeep around the high school.

A maintenance issue involves a science room and accessing gas lines and vents in the most economical way.

The board has concerns that safety issues may be picked up in future evaluations.

School officials are also trying to figure out how to make room for new classes.

They are concerned there isn’t room for three distance learning classes.

Officials have discussed bringing in a portable classroom but nothing will be finalized until after a facility meeting on June 25 at the school at 6 p.m.

The board also voted to keep the school as a public tornado shelter because it is the largest building in Brady.

School officials said the Community Building, the second largest shelter, is still an option for cover during a storm.

“And you can’t fit everybody in town in there,” Hatch said. “Part of this school is serving the Brady community.”

In other business, the board:

approved Robert’s Dairy to supply products for the 2013-2014 school year.

learned that the science curriculum is being upgraded to strictly online for grades K-2.

The same curriculum is offered in work books for grades 3-6 with teachers accessing online versions for lessons.

heard that 10, instead of eight, teachers will receive $100 per day for a total of $4,500 for working on the Check for Learning project.

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