Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Rescue training equipment

Grain entrapment Resources: The Gothenburg Fire Department and Rescue crew recently added a “RES-Q Tube” to their equipment that helps people who become entrapped in grain. The equipment (pictured) is in four pieces that can be locked together after it’s shoved in grain around an entrapment victim. Local farmer Andy Jobman (right), a member of the Nebraska Corn Grower’s advisory board, said the organization works to help communities get the equipment. Jobman said an entrapment situation in Gothenburg last spring moved the process along. Mike Wagner (far left), assistant rescue chief, said the rescue tube will save time during a rescue. Fire chief Mark Ballmer (center) said the equipment will help particularly in bin situations where grain is on a slope. Also new to the department is a trailer (in the background) filled with rescue equipment such as ropes, harnesses and the rescue tube. As more corn is grown, Wagner said entrapments are happening more frequently and equipment like the rescue tube is becoming more popular. Farm Credit Services and All Points Cooperative contributed toward the purchase of the rescue tube and rope equipment.