Friday, April 20, 2018
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Youngsters treated to swim carnival at pool

Thirty-six kids enjoyed a pool swim carnival last Thursday hosted by the lifeguards.

Guard Shelby Mannel said the guards enjoy doing the carnival, with various games and prizes, beause “they come here and pay money so we do something for them.”

Pool manager Alexa Libal said guards hosted a pool carnival when she was growing up that she remembers fondly.

““It’s a time for kids to come and play and interact with the lifeguards,” Libal said.


Ages 5-6

Water Balloon Shoot: 1. Ciara Martin, 2. Logan Feather, 3. Joey Haun.

Water Balloon Toss: 1. Logan Feather & Siera Schwanz (lifeguard); 2. Rhianna Martin & Joey Haun; 3. Ciara Martin & Madison Bryant.

Ring Toss: 1. Beck Groene, 2. Logan Feather, 3. Ciara Martin.

Slip & Slide: 1. Beck Groene, 2. Rhianna Martin, 3. Ciara Martin.

Tube Race: 1. Ciara Martin, 2. Madison Bryant, 3. Rhianna Martin.

Ages 7-8

Water Balloon Shoot: 1. Ada Houchin, 2. Sierra Herfel, 3. Iva Rickertsen.

Water Balloon Toss: 1. Regan Flesh & Iva Rickertsen; 2. Ty Kreis; 3. Ada Houchin & Andrea Meester.

Nickel Dive: 1. Ty Kreis, 2. Iva Rickertsen, 3. Regan Flesh.

Slip & Slide Race: 1. Ty Kreis, 2. Ada Houchin, 3. Caleb Thomalla.

Tube Race: 1. Ty Kreis, 2. Ada Houchin, 3. Katelyn Weideman.

Ages 9-10

Water Balloon Shoot: 1. Ethan Myers, 2. James Brian, 3. Trinity Brian.

Water Balloon Toss: 1. Bailey Bryant & Jacey Golter; 2. Lunden Groene; 3. Teagen McDonald & James Brian.

Nickel Dive: 1. Jocelyn Hendricks, 2. Mina Houchin, 3. Trinity Brian.

Biggest Splash: 1. Teagen McDonald, 2. Joseph Weigel, 3. Bailey Bryant.

Slip & Slide Race: 1. Jed Taylor, 2. Lunden Groene, 3. Teagen McDonald.

Ages 11-12

Water Balloon Shoot: 1. Seth Daup, 2. Jose Acosta, 3. Brady Hendricks.

Water Balloon Toss: 1. Seth Daup & Brady Hendricks; 2. Rose Ely & Xanthia Brian; 3. Luis Acosta.

Slip & Slide: 1. Jose Acosta, 2. Luis Acosta, 3. Xanthia Brian.

Tube Race: 1. Jose Acosta, 2. Xanthia Brian, 3. Brady Hendricks.

Following the age-group games, all swimmers met to compete in a wet T-shirt relay, prizes were given out and the carnival wrapped up with an open swim time for all.

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