Friday, September 21, 2018
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Nightmare vacation too close for comfort

Several years ago, when our two oldest children were toddlers, our family decided to attend my husband’s high school reunion.

We drove to Springfield, IL, in an old car and camped in a tent to save money on the way. We arrived late at the campground, set up the tent and fell into the sleeping bags, exhausted!

We didn’t realize, however, that we were camping very close to the railroad tracks and directly under a street light. Just as we all were sleeping soundly, the train whistle blew and the ground began to rumble.

My husband, Robert, woke up and saw the street light directly through the tent door. In a panic of half-asleep and unfamiliar surroundings, he assumed that we had accidentally set up the tent directly on the railroad tracks.

As you can imagine, he began yelling and collecting Katie and Robbie from certain death by train! As the train passed and we found ourselves to still be alive, we began to laugh.

We have laughed ever since, and now find ourselves living in Brady—one block from the railroad tracks.