Sunday, September 23, 2018
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L2 For Kids gets local boost

More kids will get school clothes

Back-to-school shopping is one of the last activities kids enjoy before classes start.

However, some kids don’t get new clothes each year. That concern is why L2 For Kids started 15 years ago.

Henry and Pat Potter of Willow Island started L2 For Kids, a non-profit organization to raise money to buy kids new clothes for school.

Only two requirements must be met for a child in need to receive new clothes, L2 founder Henry Potter said.

“The kids must be in school and have no other means to get new clothes,” Potter said.

Money recently provided by Gothenburg State Bank will be used for kids at Dudley Elementary or at Gothenburg High School.

“If a community raises money, it is used there,” president Faye Kniss said.

L2 For Kids has helped 300 kids since 1998 and hopes to provide for more than 1,000 kids by next year, Kniss said.

Kniss said the goal is easily within reach but it takes money to give kids clothes and also takes more volunteers.

To become a volunteer or donate money, call Kniss at


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