Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Making gingerbread houses

What do Dudley Elementary third graders in Cindy Fickenscher’s class like best about decorating gingerbread houses?

“The candy,” yelled the students in unison.

Last Friday, found the three sections of third graders squeezing frosting on graham crackers that had been hot glued by a parent volunteer on used milk cartons from the cafeteria.

Bowls of every kind of candy imaginable decorated a table. Students filled coffee filters with their choice of sweets and carried them to their desks.

Payton Buss said he liked decorating a house because he made one with a friend.

“I didn’t think it would be fun but it started being fun when I helped him,” Buss said. “It’s still fun today.”

Amber Brown liked the beautiful colors of candy and “all of the frosting you get on your hand that you get to lick off.”