Monday, June 25, 2018
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Shaw: Dracula best fits our one-act cast

Director thinks play is competitive

Somehow a bite in the neck, a stake driven through your heart and eating poison-laced chocolate can be humorous—during a play at least.

Brady High School’s “Seven Wives for Dracula” one-act performance Nov. 26 contained those actions but of course they didn’t really happen.

It was all part of the play.

When one-act director Tonja Shaw chose the subject, she said she thought the act could be a winner and do well at competitions.

Shaw said the students always want to do something funny, which wasn’t the intention for this play.

Senior Valerie Most, who plays Lucy, said the cast knew it was originally intended to be serious but the people in the production make it funny.

Lexi Franzen (Lily), also a senior, thought a serious act would have been good but she likes the aspect of adding humor to this one, she said.

“I think making the play more humorous made it better than we thought it would be and it’s still good,” Franzen said.

One of the reasons the play is good, voiced by the cast, is the set changes that take place.

“We do more with the set and that makes it more intense,”said Donnie Trisdale (Van Helsing).

Freshman Case Axthelm said the play was like any other one in which he had prepared for.

“There is a lot of preparation and a lot of stuff to get down, and get right,” Axthelm said.

Shaw agreed that more set changes increased risk but she said the cast has to worry about their parts for districts in Loup City.

“The actors have to fill the stage with their presence,” Shaw said. “Their characters need to take over.”

At the Gothenburg Play Production Invitational on Nov. 19, three actors were noted for outstanding performances: Case Axthelm, Donnie Trisdale and Dayne Porter. Madison Elliott won overall best supporting actress.

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