Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Swede wrestlers gain experience at two-day dual invite

Gothenburg wrestlers competed against nine other teams in the two-day Nebraska Dual Invite at Columbus last Friday and Saturday.

Over the two-day tournament Gothenburg finished fifth in its pool with a 3-7 record. Millard South went 10-0 and earned first in the pool.

Overall, head coach Tom Scott thought the Swedes wrestled well and said he was satisfied with the team’s aggressiveness in the majority of their matches.

Gothenburg collected a 3-2 record during the first five duals Friday.

“We had some good matchups in our favor,” Scott said. “We did a good job taking advantage of them.”

In the first day of action Gothenburg had defeated Malcolm 42-36, High Plains Community 48-27 and Field Kinley 48-30 while being defeated by Blue Valley West 57-24 and Millard South 74-6.

Scott said he was impressed with Tyler Miller who earned three pins in his first four matches.

Bryce Larson lost twice in day one but bounced back and won all five matches Saturday.

Skyler Kottwitz earned five victories Friday with a forfeit and four pins while Tyson Miller collected four wins by pin as well.

On Saturday, the Swedes hit a wall losing each of their five duals, although coach Scott said the team battled hard in their final two duals.

Gothenburg was defeated by Omaha Bryan 54-22, York 69-9, Norfolk 69-9, Neligh Oakdale 48-36 and Cozad 48-30.

There were some kids on the team that got some bumps and bruises, Scott said, but others stepped up and replaced them.

“Tournaments like this get a team prepared for districts and state,” Scott said. “Districts is a two-day tournament and if you make the third day at state, you medal.”

While its still early in the season, Scott said he recognizes the Gothenburg grapplers need to work on finishing and some techniques to make the team better.

“There is no giant answer to what is wrong,” Scott said. “It’s just a couple little things.”

Scott added the last two matches of the day were wrestled better and more competitive than the previous three on Saturday.

“The kids wrestled their guts out against Neligh and Cozad,” Scott said. “We have to get rid of the lull in the middle of the tournament.”

Kottwitz, who was ahead in the match he lost, led the Swedes with a 9-1 tournament record.

Larson, who wrestled up from 106 to 113- pounds, compiled a record of 8-2.

Tyson Miller finished with a 5-5 record, while Jayden Miller wrestled multiple weight classes and ended with a .500 record.

Scott said he expects those that are injured to be back in the lineup and healthy for a 16-team Valentine Invite Saturday.

He added the goal of this invite is for Swede wrestlers to compete equally hard in their first and last matches.

This tournament has district implications as well, with six teams from the District B-4 competing.

“The most important thing at this invite is us winning against district opponents for seeding at the district tournament,” Scott said. “If we can win head to head, that sets up well for us.”

Going into the meet, Scott said the Swedes will have a mentality of running the other wrestler off the mat, being aggressive.


Blue Valley West 57-Gothenburg 24

106—Bryce Larson (G) won unopposed

113—Noah Schnick pinned Quinten Fair (G), 0:20

120—Logan Mueller, won unopposed

126—Ryan Madden pinned Kaiden Dorsey (G), 3:29

132—Sam Grandon pinned Dirk Earll (G), 1:16

138—Carson Schram pinned Talbot Buchholz (G), 1:51

145—Parker McGuire pinned Seth Portiner (G), 1:07

152—Luke Wassel over Jayden Miller (G), 6—2

160—Jake Schram pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 0:44

170—Skyler Kottwitz (G) won unopposed

182—Tyson Miller (G) pinned Shane Greiner, 0:51

195—Tyler Miller (G) pinned Drew Fancher, 3:14

220—Ahmad Qarini pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 0:15

285—Chall Jenkins pinned Luke Ferguson (G), 1:10

Millard South 74-Gothenburg 6

106—Nathan Rodriguez over Bryce Larson (G), 12-2

113—Austin Coufal pinned Quinten Fair (G), 1:41

120—Ryan Kostszewa won unopposed

126—Ben Richling over Kaiden Dorsey (G), 12-0

132—Chad Davison pinned Dirk Earll (G), 1:28

138—Isaac DeLoa pinned Talbot Buchholz (G), 0:21

145—Alex Mendez pinned Jayden Miller (G), 2:46

152—Dayton Rojas won unopposed

160—Gavyn Angerman pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 0:25

170—Skyler Kottwitz (G) pinned Roger Faust, 1:03

182—Anthony Cloyd pinned Tyson Miller (G), 0:51

195—Grant Collins pinned Tyler Miller (G), 1:10

220—Mark Tompsett pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 0:50

285—Terry Jeub, won unopposed

Gothenburg 42-Malcolm 36

106—Quinten Fair (G) won unopposed

113—Bryce Larson (G) pinned Taren Wattier, 1:28

126—Austin Glause pinned Kaiden Dorsey (G), 1:33

132—Dustin Monroe pinned Dirk Earll (G), 1:20

138—Talbot Buchholz (G) won unopposed

145—Seth Portiner (G) won unopposed

152—Jordan Redler pinned Jayden Miller (G), 1:20

160—Jake Roberts pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 0:20

170—Skyler Kottwitz (G) pinned Ben Dostal, 0:30

182—Tyson Miller (G) pinned Caleb Ward, 1:28

195—Tyler Miller (G) pinned Graham Moody, 5:22

220—Jared Eucker pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 1:34

285—Jesse Blaser pinned Luke Ferguson (G), 0:12

Gothenburg 48- High Plains 27

106—Quinten Fair (G) won unopposed

113—Tyson Fate over Bryce Larson (G), 10-3

126—Hunter Sharman pinned Kaiden Dorsey (G), 5:06

132—Dirk Earll (G) pinned Bryce Wilhusen, 0:46

138—Cale Bolton pinned Talbot Buchholz (G), 1:33

145—Trey Engel pinned Seth Portiner (G), 1:25

152—Jayden Miller (G) pinned Randy Church, 2:16

160—Kyle Stevens pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 0:55

170—Skyler Kottwitz (G) pinned Payton Stevens, 0:21

182—Tyson Miller (G) pinned Cole Church, 1:05

195—Tyler Miller (G) pinned Matthew Pekarek, 3:06

220—Chad Schmiett (G) won unopposed

285—Luke Ferguson (G) won unopposed

Gothenburg 48-Field Kinley 30

106—Bryce Larson (G) won unopposed

113—Quinten Fair (G) won unopposed

126—Keegan Deenihan pinned Kaiden Dorsey (G), 1:56

132—Bryce Kimmel pinned Dirk Earll (G), 2:48

138—Christian Foulk pinned Talbot Buchholz (G), 2:55

145—Seth Portiner (G) over Spencer Phillips Fall 3:34

152—Jayden Miller (G) pinned Tanner Vaughn, 0:45

160—Keyan Anderson (G) won unopposed

170—Skyler Kottwitz (G) pinned Ryan Tracy, 0:44

182—Tyson Miller (G) pinned Chris Roeder, 2:00

195—Grant Newton pinned Tyler Miller (G), 2:51

220—Luke Ferguson (G) won unopposed

285—Nick Noland pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 1:12

Omaha Bryan 54-Gothenburg 22

106—Gavin Howard pinned Quinten Fair (G), 2:32

113—Bryce Larson (G) over Ryan McCann, 13—3

126—Kaiden Dorsey (G) pinned Abdi Abdi, 0:26

132—Brandon Shanahan pinned Dirk Earll (G), 1:33

138—Leandro Ramirez pinned Talbot Buchholz (G), 1:44

145—Tyler Nielsen pinned Seth Portiner (G), 1:23

152—Chad Miller pinned Jayden Miller (G), 2:37

160—JB Magbanua pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 3:17

170—Skyler Kottwitz (G) pinned Chris Martinez, 0:37

182—Zach Gates pinned Tyson Miller (G), 2:55

195—Ian Hirsh pinned Tyler Miller (G), 1:07

220—Devin Lovings pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 3:32

285—Luke Ferguson (G) won unopposed

York 69-Gothenburg 9

106—Bryce Larson (G) pinned Deven Smith, 2:31

113—Jesse Harlow pinned Quinten Fair (G), 0:20

120—Teagan Thorell, won unopposed

126—Devin Knight, won unopposed

132—Anthony Red pinned Dirk Earll (G), 0:41

138—Raymon Mastas pinned Talbot Buchholz (G), 4:26

145—Hayden Robb over Jayden Miller (G), 5-3

152—Jameson Nickels pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 0:28

160—Troy Taylor won unopposed

170—Skyler Kottwitz (G) over Ethan Cradick, 4-2

182—Jamison Vanderheiden pinned Tyler Miller (G), 1:43

195—Braden Knight, won unopposed

220—Marvin Lazo pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 0:38

285—Ronaldo Trevino pinned Luke Ferguson (G), 0:26

Norfolk 69-Gothenburg 9

106—Bryce Larson (G) over Dylan Grey, 11-9

113—Alex Phipps pinned Quinten Fair (G), 0:15

120—TeJai Clausen, won unopposed

126—Brady Fister pinned Kaiden Dorsey (G), 0:25

132—Dirk Earll (G) pinned Isaac Kleinscmit, 1:02

138—Caleb Licking pinned Talbot Buchholz (G), 0:44

145—Avery Alder over Jayden Miller (G), 7-6

152—Nathaniel Kathol pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 0:25

160—Connor Neal, won unopposed

170—Landen Thieman pinned Skyler Kottwitz (G), 4:33

182—Dominick Carr pinned Tyson Miller (G), 4:00

195—Kyle Temple pinned Tyler Miller (G), 2:32

220—Shane Kalin pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 0:37

285—Cameron Dickie pinned Luke Ferguson (G), 1:41

Neligh Oakdale 48-Gothenburg 36

106—Bryce Larson (G) won unopposed

113—Louis Herley pinned Quinten Fair (G), 1:15

120—Wyatt Knievel, won unopposed

126—Kaiden Dorsey (G) won unopposed

132—Dirk Earll (G) won unopposed

138—Talbot Buchholz (G) won unopposed

145—Garett Allemang pinned Seth Portiner (G), 0:26

152—Jayden Miller (G) pinned Collin Harrison, 1:09

160—Garrett Jacobsen pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 0:53

170—Skyler Kottwitz (G) pinned Will Paul, 1:49

182—Colby Roland pinned Tyler Miller (G), 1:59

195—Dylan Kaup won unopposed

220—Connor Bentley pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 0:38

285—Casey Gracia pinned Luke Ferguson (G), 0:17

Cozad 48- Gothenburg 30

106—Quinten Fair (G) won unopposed

113—Bryce Larson (G) won unopposed

120—Kolton Heinz won unopposed

126—Jacob Hoffman won unopposed

132—Brian Messersmith pinned Dirk Earll (G), 0:40

138—Clay Trejo pinned Talbot Buchholz (G), 1:16

145—Cameron Griffis pinned Seth Portiner (G), 2:25

152—Junior Escamilla pinned Jayden Miller (G), 4:14

160—Saige Valenzuela pinned Keyan Anderson (G), 1:27

182—Skyler Kottwitz (G) won unopposed

195—Tyson Miller (G) won unopposed

220—Alex Boryca pinned Chad Schmiett (G), 0:52

285—Luke Ferguson (G) won unopposed

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