Thursday, September 20, 2018
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What kind of leader do you want?

What kind of people do we want in government?

How about smart people? Smart can be misleading though when words used to define it include: clever, sly, superficially skillful, cunning and guile.

Perhaps people with intelligence then? Even intelligence is lacking when not combined with common sense. Why the negative attitude? To quote Bastiat, people “When they can...wish to live and prosper at the expense of others.” “The annals of history bear witness to the truth of it: the incessant wars, mass migrations, religious persecutions, universal slavery, dishonesty in commerce, and monopolies. This fatal desire has its origin in the very nature of man—in that primitive, universal, and insuppressible instinct that impels him to satisfy his desires with the least possible pain.”

That’s no small indictment and it may be unfair to claim it all-inclusive of our government representatives. Nonetheless, these are people whose favorite word is “comprehensive.”

Going back to intelligence and its definitions, do you think having the “capacity for learning” accurately describes our government officials? I think Einstein’s definition of insanity is more telling. How about aptitude in grasping truths? The fact that we have a federal Department of Education run by liberals makes that much less likely. Can a person really be intelligent if everything they know is wrong?

President Barack Obama’s upbringing, socialist mentoring and the finest liberal education that affirmative action can give away, makes a good case study. As president, he has not deviated from his plan to fundamentally transform the United States (lawfully and unlawfully) and won’t consider alternative thought. This flies in the face of intelligence as “the capacity for understanding.”

Except for one person on the planet, there is the understanding that there can always be someone more intelligent than you. The ideology of the left (the end justifies the means) prevents them from taking your desires into account. That is the antithesis of representative government.

It is easier to see what kind of people we “do not” want in government, but this realization mostly comes too late. It has taken five years for polls and talk in the media to acknowledge Obama’s total lack of trustworthiness. I thought that was exemplified when he agreed with John McCain to take public financing for his presidential campaign and then reneged on the deal.

Winner of this year’s prize for “leftist education turned trickle-down stupidity” goes to Nichols Elementary School in Frisco, TX. They banned Christmas trees and the colors red and green from an upcoming “winter” party. The principal said they didn’t want to offend any families. LOL.

This idiocy doesn’t offend me. It amazes me. There are public school officials so adamant about anti-Christmas indoctrination that they won’t allow children to look at certain colors? All I can say to them is, wow! And good luck Frisco.

To everyone else Happy Holidays and, of course, Merry Christmas.